Standard Paint Colors 2019 K-edition

JPMA Standard Paint Colors is the standard color chart for paint, coatings and related industries, published biennially by the Japan Paint Manufacturers Association.

Practical colors are selected for architectures, structures, facilities, housings, etc.

2019-K Edition is the 34th edition since its first publication in 1954. The JPMA Color Code enables simple and accurate color specification, making it an essential tool for color planning and paint business.

654 Colors / 60 New Colors!

  • Based on frequently-used colors, all selected colors can be formulated for paints.
  • The color scheme was examined based on 632 colors in 2017-J Edition, and 2019-K edition contains 654 colors, 60 new colors were added and 38 colors were removed.
  • Of 60 new colors, 36 are provided in matte coating for interior use.
  • Since 2011-F edition, 'Color Universal Design' recommended color set consisting of colors distinguishable by people with color vision de?ciency is included.
  • All colors are formulated by primary colors using lead/chromate free pigments in order to reduce environmental burden.
  • Revised Color Comparison Mask is attached to observe the color di?erences at a glance.
  • 2019 K-edition is valid until December 2021.

Pocket Type

Standard Paint Colors Pocket Type
Price2,915 Japanese Yen per set.
Colors654 colors,
with 618 gloss colors and 36 matte colors.
Size5cm x 21.5cm x 2cm thick.
9 colors on each sheet
Single color chip size: 14mm x 50mm

Wide Type

Standard Paint Colors Wide Type
Price21,648 Japanese Yen per set.
ColorsTotal 618 gloss colors.
36 matte colors are not included.
Size5cm x 21.5cm x 5cm thick.
Single colored sheets.
Perforated lines are provided every 13 mm to make 12 tear-off chips per page.
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